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In a place that was once Equestria,
Is only now a place of mass hysteria
3 mares one stallion looking for fame
Killing anything that gets in their way
A place now owned by bandits
Get hit quick, grab a health kit
Skags, mutants, and Giant Parasprites
Zombies too, can't sleep at night
Ruins of Canterlot is their only goal
A legend that was only meant to entertain a mere foal
A whole bunch of raiders, killers, and thieves,
Get anything you want from Pinkie's vending machines
Spend the whole day listening to the Cloptraps
Exploding barrels force ya down on your back
But if you're a pegasis, protect your things
The bandits make sure to shoot for the wings
What ever happened to this place
Once a land of love, now it's a disgrace
Fluttershy, can't be afraid to pull the trigger and shoot
Because in this world you can't get by by being cute
Well I suppose I should kill 9 hooves alright
But get ready for much harder of a fight
Run to the vendor and grab a gun
Owned by Pinkie, let's have some fun
So now we're geared up, we're all ready
Twilight slashing everything up with her machete
Rainbow Dash, you shouldn't let her drive
She'll nearly kill you when she crashes the ride
Got a itchy trigger finger, ah huh a little bit
Take down everything with one hit
Fluttershy's magic runs off of her mana
Got to stop to go and help Nirvana

Down We Go, hunting like nopony cares
Anything can happen, and does, with the Bordermares

Big Mac can take a lot of damages, he's so tough
Gotta kill Scar off, and get back T-Niegh's Hoof
Rainbow Dash got kicked out of the Crimson Mane
For what, we can't guess, and she'd rather not say
Speaking of the Crimson Mane, with bandits they're a little too lienient
When they start shooting, our shields are convenient
Whatever we do, we get under their skin
But you know in the end we will always win
A well placed shot, makes your brains move
Gotta respawn, see Doctor Whooves
Hide behind Cloptraps, use 'em as fodder
Reaching the Ruins, you know I gotta
After finding the Ruins, what's next
A whole new island to put us to the test
Throw out all our worries, notions and cares
And will have some fun with our Bordermares
A parody of Team Headkick's "In the Borderlands."

This should also give you an Ida of what Bordermares content will be like, and a bit of a background on some of the characters.
Greenrob Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012
nice job and i hope to see the rest of boardermares soon.
regidar Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012  Student Writer
Thanks, I will try and post more as soon as possible!
Greenrob Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012
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