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August 6, 2012
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The bright light took Golden Heart and Luna to a place of existence that was... flat, to say the least. A long, flat plane consistent of a silvery-grey metal, with a two small camp-like fairly close by.

"I feel as though we are close to the killer... but why do I feel as though I have felt this presence before?" Golden Heart said, more to himself then his companion, and walked around. The sky, if one could call it that, was black. Just one simple, flat color.

Suddenly, the smell of burning ozon assailed the two alicorns nostrils, and a rift, one could call it, opened up. From the rift entered four ponies and a human.

"See! I told you I wouldn't get us killed again!" The human smiled at his apparent creation, and then closed the rift.

Golden Heart eyes the human suspeciously. "I've seen your kind before... in old books."

The human laughs. "Oh, I'm not really a human. Just my real form... I ain't proud of it. And I'm not a changeling, so don't get any ideas."

Luna was staring in awe of the human. The human gave Luna an odd look. "Well, what are you-"

The princess of the night rushed over and hugged the human. "Elijah! You're alive! I thought you died when... nevermind! THOU ART ALIVE!" The last part was bellowed in the royal canterlot voice. Elijah, as the human was called, looked at Luna in surprise.

"Aunt Luna? You look... different."

Luna smiled. "Well, yes, as you may recall, I was banished to the moon."

Elijah smiled, and disengaged himself from the alicorn's grasp. Wandering around, he examined the first camp, which was full of medical supplies. Varying from heart/lung machines to sergical tape, the camp had it all.

"Weird... I guess the inhabitants of this dimension were killed or evacuated before they could take their medical equipment... oh, hey, a scalpel."

Immediately after the scalpel was removed, a large image started to flicker in the sky, akin to a giant TV screen. Up upon the screen was Princess Celestia eating a slice of cake. Looking down, she seemed to be able to see the beings below her. Then, everypony realized it was a live feed.

"Oh. Elijah. You're still alive. Why am I not surprised?"

Octavia looked very confused. "Why would Princess Celestia be here? Also, how did she know Elijah's name?" Big Macintosh shrugged.

Elijah's face contorted in anger. "It'll take a lot more then banishing me to hell to kill me, mom. Stop just throwing away your problems and deal with them! If you want to kill me, kill me right!"

Golden Heart looked up at the Princess in shock and horror.


Princess Celestia laughed. "Oh, Golden Heart, we've been friends so long, surely you'd remember my personality disorder. Fortunately, I managed to defeat and suppress the 'kind' princess, and now I will always be here. ALWAYS."

Golden Heart was seething in anger now. "WHEN I GET OUT, I'LL KILL YOU, AND DISCORD! AND ELIJAH, YOU'RE NEXT!"

Elijah cocked an eyebrow. "Me? What did I do?"

Celestia giggled. "You do realize none of your are TRULY dead. Just like how Twilight Sparkle didn't truly die-"

"Actually, I resurrected her, remember?" Elijah interjected.

"Don't interrupt me, brat. The point being... I put you through all of this for my entertainment, and you delivered! Well, except Nirvana, he was going to kill himself anyway. But I saved him and transported him here. But all of you are very much alive, and still killable."

"Wait... how is that possible, Ah saw mah sister's body at the fune'al," Big Macintosh said, confused.

"Oh, you silly farmer worker, don't you realize that if I can raze the sun and deliver you all here, it would be one of the simpler things to make decoys and immediately replace your bodies with them? Well, except Octavia, she was blown to bits, I didn't have to worry about that."

"Why are yah doin' this, Princess?" Applejack asked, looking at the crazed goddess in pain and betrayle.

"Simple.I got bored. Tired, sick of it all. And I decided to mix things up a bit. Now die."

Upon those words, and explosion rocked the whole island, if that's what it could be called. Golden Heart threw up a protection spell just in time, which also shielded Big Macintosh and Octavia, but didn't reach Luna and the others in time. Elijah, who was at the epicenter of the explosion, somehow walked out of the rubble of what used to be the medical camp totally fine, save for the fact his left arm was twisted all the way around. With a sickening crunch, he twisted it back into position, wincing from the pain.

"Shit! She destroyed all of the medical equipment... except this!" The human held up the scalpel and two painkiller needles, one of which was cracked.

Luna lay on the ground, a chuck on metal imbedded deep in her chest. Nirvana was twitching, his eyes darting madly around, crying from the amount of pain he was in. Bruises appeared along his lower abdomen, indicating internal bleeding and possible fracturing. One of Applejack's ribs poked out from her body, and a piece of unidentifiable shrapnel had left an extremely deep cut along her lower stomach before burying itself into her left kidney region.

"What are we going to do?" Golden Heart said, looking over the injured ponies. "Wait! I know a healing spell!" Princess Celestia's image laughed.

"Nice try. I thought of that. Have fun without your magic!" Golden Heart attempted to heal the ponies, but to no avail.

"Well, guess we're going to have to go old fashion style!" Elijah held up the scalpel and grinned.
Chapter 12! We're almost done, just one more chapter!
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GhostWriter95 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
You sir, just made M. Night Shyamalan proud with the twist... Seriously, I did NOT see that coming... You better know how to use that scalpel!
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Oh trust me, I'm expirianced!
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Lol, the story's almost finished! Part one, that is...
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